April 2023 Update

DEAREST FRIENDS and FAITHFUL SUPPORTERS: Greetings in the precious name of our Almighty Lord and Savior Jesus! It’s so good to get back with you. It is the weekend, let me give you a view of the week through this update. We cannot stop thanking God for His protection over the staff, teachers and all […]

December 2022 Update

Dearest friends in Lord Jesus and special partners in God’s ministry, Let me greet you in the Holy Name of our Almighty Redeemer Jesus Christ. Hope everything is going well with you. As I often tell you, it is always a great joy to share with you the activities of your beloved ministry. First and foremost, […]

August 2016 Update

FRIENDS: Greetings again. So good to be and stay with you this week. PP I thought you were going to Pittsburgh! Yes, you are right. I am tonight. Oh tonight! Yes tonight. Back to the Humanitarian Crisis: in Haiti I believe first the Haitian people need to change their mentality. In order for this to […]

June 2016 Update

FRIENDS: Greetings! I am so glad to be back with you for the latest news. We are doing fine at Lacroix. Last week Doctor Dan Lattanzi was here with a medical team. He came at the right time when an epidemic of fever, cold/cough is going on. He had met with the pregnant women on […]

May 2016 Update

FRIENDS: Greetings! PP is back, Isn’t he? Yes PP is back. PP, back to where? At your door! At my door? Yes. Are you not going to let him in? Let him in where? in your house! PP I am not going to let you in.  Please let PP in he got some good news for you. Ok […]

July 2015 Letter

FRIENDS: Greetings. It is always good to get back with you to let you know that PP is alive. This update was written almost a month ago but for some reason I did not send it. I just find it. As said the old proverb: “It is never too late to do good.” ” Mas […]

November 2013 Letter

Friends: Greetings from Ohio. As I told you before I am now in Ohio for the month of November. Every thing is going well here. On Saturday evening I met with the Good News Gathering out reach team that is scheduled to go to Haiti the first week in January 2014 to discuss on projects […]

October 2013 Letter

“You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God” (2 Corinthians 9:11) Friends: I know you wonder how I am doing in Pittsburgh. Maybe you are thinking that I am so focus in Pittsburgh I do […]

September 2013 Letter

Friends: Greetings from Pittsburgh. I think I am going to move to Pittsburgh. PP you are moving to Pittsburgh? Just kidding. You know the Pittsburghers are so nice to me and to the children That is why I was thinking if I move here to Pittsburgh, you would be much nicer. When I first come […]

August 2013 Letter

Friends: Greetings. PP is back. Where were you, PP? Well you told me to give you a break! I told you what! Oh I am sorry. I misheard you. I may need to have my ears checked. It’s been a while. I am doing great. My wife is doing well and the kids and grand […]