Dearest friends in Lord Jesus and special partners in God’s ministry,

Let me greet you in the Holy Name of our Almighty Redeemer Jesus Christ. Hope everything is going well with you. As I often tell you, it is always a great joy to share with you the activities of your beloved ministry.

First and foremost, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving last week. Here at LaCroix, we are grateful for what you have accomplished at New Testament Mission. I thank God every day for you as friends, partners of prayers, and donors. Frankly, without you, we would not be there with this ministry. With you, we have so many that we realize together.


As I spoke in the very last update of the increasing project of beekeeping production in Lacroix, we have a contract with a beekeeper to achieve this goal. He started working last month, and the program is going pretty well.

To exploit all the resources that our Great God puts at our disposal, we have come up with another very beneficial and useful project, which is that of a market garden for the children of the mission school. We have two locations that we will use to intensively cultivate vegetable products, such as tomato, green peas, red pepper, green pepper, eggplant, carrot, and okra. To achieve this end, we are praying for a solar submersible pump and a four-wheeled tiller capable of working three squares of earth. Please join us in prayer for these needs.


According to a message we just received from the principal of Paul’s school, there is currently an epidemic of fever, coughing, and sore throat accompanied by measles in the locality of Paul and its vicinity. A lot of schoolchildren are being affected. We are planning to send some meds to help them as soon as possible. Please pray for them.


In the clinic of La Croix, there had a waste pit; now, there is an incinerator under construction. It is a great satisfaction for the clinic and the staff to see this project in action. Because this has long worried the administration of the clinic. This incinerator is a donation of Public Health to the clinic.


I invite you to read about the experiences of Bergelo Philippe, who has been working in the sponsorship office:

Hello, I always feel blessed to talk about myself because I came so far to arrive at this level. My name is Bergelo PHILIPPE, I am working as a collaborator at the child sponsorship office since April 4th. I am the child of the mission; I was born at the mission and spent all my career there. I have been there for 8 months at the sponsorship office. Working there at the office is very meaningful because my Country, Haiti is facing some situations; it becomes very difficult for someone to get a job even though you have your own profession. but also, I have the advantage of developing my capacity and working in a team. 

I am living in a family where no one was working except my mother, who always goes to market place to find the daily bread. now, I am a supporter of my family. We give God praise for that. If it was not for the presence of the mission in Lacroix, everything would be much worse. My prayer is that God keeps on blessing Pastor Vaugelas and his wife and all the supporters of this ministry in La Croix.

Bergelo Philippe

Great, thanks for your prayers and your financial support. Extending your hand to this ministry means so much together for the CAUSE of God.

LaCroix New Testament Mission,