Greetings. PP is back. Where were you, PP? Well you told me to give you a break! I told you what! Oh I am sorry. I misheard you. I may need to have my ears checked. It’s been a while.

I am doing great. My wife is doing well and the kids and grand kids are well. PP you mention grand kids. You have grand kids? you must be getting in age. I believe so. I am getting old. I got so old that I need to see my eye doctor every so often. I saw her in May and I need to see her again next month. I mean Dr. Jennifer Olbum. She is so nice to me. She is so nice that I want to see her often for my dry eyes. I told my wife that some day we will have to walk hand in hands like when we were walking in church the day of the wedding.

As you may know I am now in Florida in preparation for my trip to Pittsburgh, PA the end of the month. I hope you Pittsburghers are not tired of me. I don’t think you can afford it either but do not try it. I will be going to Ohio this coming November: November 1-25. Look forward to having a great time there.

To my very dear friends of the state of Indiana, be patient I am making plan to visit you next year Lord willing, though I will not travel next year but for you it will be a very special trip. I love you and I love being in your company. Remember the late David Gillon, the late Jackie Yates who had started the Lacroix Mission in 1984, had come from Indiana from your very own family. They had sown seeds that continue to bear fruits. They had a vision to see the people in Lacroix change. Now the change is taking place.

Changes have taken place so much that now I am requesting some laptops for some of my college students. If you have an old laptop that you are not using but still usable please send them to me. I have engineering students, bible college students, law students, medical doctor student, business manager students, nursing students, they all come to me and asked me for laptops because the mission had received and given some to some students in the past.

As you can see Lacroix is moving fast. Please help me so I can move along. You know, as you grow older, moving fast is a problem but I try to do my best. I take a walk every day and when I am in Lacroix I climb the mountains across the road from the mission every day in order to keep up with the flow. Sometimes I forget if I am 60. I have too otherwise I would turn into an old man. I know you don’t want that to happen, do you?

If one were to tell me that now in 2013 I would be asking for laptops for people in Lacroix, I would have said No. But it is happening. It is a fact. This afternoon I received an encouraging note from an active lawyer in Port au Prince. He told me that he was in my school in Lacroix and he is who he is today because of the mission. I told him that the needs to stop one day at the school to motivate the students. He said that he will.

Remember to pray for the people in Lacroix. Last week I have seen people come to me for the first time in 29 years to tell me that they are hungry. I believe them because they are not professionals. When people come to me to tell me that they have not eaten for three to four days, it takes me back to my childhood when I used to spend that many days without food. I did not know if the Lord was preparing me for this ministry that I now have. I can sympathize with people who say they have not eaten for three to four days because I was there one day. The famine is still there. please pray.

May My God bless you in a very special way as he has blessed me.

God Prosperpierre


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