I am so glad to be back with you for the latest news. We are doing fine at Lacroix.

Last week Doctor Dan Lattanzi was here with a medical team. He came at the right time when an epidemic of fever, cold/cough is going on.

He had met with the pregnant women on Sunday afternoon in order for them to have healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. He also distributed rice and beans to every one of them. There were over 65 women. On Thursday he met with the midwives about 24 of them. Not only he taught them how to do safe delivery but he also equipped them with materials to do a better job. What I like in all this is the delight that Dr. Dan has in doing this. You can see he is enjoying himself. You ought to see him when he saw the people in Platon come to receive the food he has for them. Thank you Linda Lattanzi for being so generous and also for sharing your husband Dan with us in such a needy time. As they said, “Behind every good man there is always a great woman.”

Doctor Dan has been doing this program with the pregnant women since he had started the medical clinic in 1998. On Monday we were at Boukan-Tony for mobile clinic. we worked till around one o’clock because the rain has interrupted us. We promised the people that we would be back on Friday to see those we did not see. On Tuesday we went to another place in Lacroix right on the road to LaCoupe. There was a large group. We saw every one because it didn’t rain. The people were happy.

On Wednesday we were scheduled to go to Platon because of the rain we were not able to make it. Platon is a village on the mountains where Doctor Lattanzi seems to leave a piece of himself. He loves this village to death. Unfortunately the condition of the road has prevented him from fulfilling his vision for these people.The road is very narrow. It is already a risk to go there in normal condition but with the rain it has become riskier. We were sad knowing that there is great need for health care there.

We went to Pacot and saw over 100 patients in that village. The team went after the mobile clinic to provide care for a sick blind woman in the area who couldn’t come to the mobile clinic. I am so glad that they were able to help her.

On Thursday Doctor Dan had 160 families come down from Platon to receive rice and beans. They were very happy to receive food in such a time of food crisis. The people couldn’t find words to express their thanks and gratitude. The food distribution was done before the meeting with the midwives at 1:00 o’clock.

On Friday we went back to Boukan Tony to see some sixty some patients. We have limited the number because on Monday we had some difficulty driving back from Boukan Tony because of the rain.

Doctor Dan has with him two medical students of Haitian origin. They were very nice to work with. They just fit in and very cooperative. One of them her creole was very fluent. The other one has made a lot of effort to speak creole. From this you can see Doctor Dan has taken his medical service here in Haiti to a new level.

This time it is very hot. Not having Haiti Power in Lacroix is tough. The team members have cooperated very well with the hot temperature. They did very well. I am very pleased and proud of them. They left on Saturday and they made it home safely. Thanks be to God.

Two Members of the Purcellville outreach are already here waiting for the team’s arrival sometimes this month.

It’s been raining here. This is a good thing because it is giving people a lot of hope. The famine is still doing its course. People have been coming to the mission every day asking for food; saying they have no place else to go to. There is a small food distribution tomorrow to 70 families. You should see the smiles on faces when they receive the food.

Thank you very much for all that you do. Thanks for your prayers. Please continue to pray for when we pray things happen.

God bless.
God Prosperpierre