Greetings from Pittsburgh. I think I am going to move to Pittsburgh. PP you are moving to Pittsburgh? Just kidding. You know the Pittsburghers are so nice to me and to the children That is why I was thinking if I move here to Pittsburgh, you would be much nicer.

When I first come to Pittsburgh in 1982 I was just 30 years old. Therefore I was very young. Just when God has sent me to Lacroix, I was 23 years old. I was 28 years old when I got married to my wife Ermithe. PP are you making history? I hope so. PP what are you up to? Where are you going? What do you want to get across? Be patient, I am coming to it.

It’s been 61 year today since I came into this world. PP is today your birthday? Well. I have just been reminded in an email that today is my birthday. PP now we understand why you are so funny. You are 61.

No, you get this wrong. I am not sixty one. I am just six and one. Here we go PP. You are funny again. Tell me what the difference between sixty one and six and one? Well just to make you laugh. I wish I was sixty one years old. I am told that I am sixty one but I don’t believe it!

I asked brother who lives in Miami, FL: Do you know our mother’s birthday? He replied like this: Brother I don’t even remember my own birthday let alone my mother’s. He made me laugh. He keeps his head shaved so people don’t see his age by looking at his hair like mine. He often tells me to dye my hair or shave my head. For when I am with him I give people the impression that he is older than he looks and he doesn’t like that.

Enough with that. Thank you anyway for putting up with me. You can see that Ermithe my wife is a saint. Should I change her name to St Ermithe? I leave this to you. No wonder she always said to me she wish I would grow up.

Though I am sixty one, I dream like a young man like a 23 year old. I like to dream big because I serve a BIG God. That is why I am thinking about having a College in Lacroix. It is not something that I think will take place in a year or two but it is long term plan. PP A COLLEGE in Lacroix? Yes. With God nothing is impossible. The word impossible is not in God’s vocabulary. Beginning next month preschoolers in Lacroix will be taught English thru 12 grades. Is that right PP. Yes that is right.

It is so real that the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Bridgeville, PA, had commissioned Mrs Bonnie Eichler and her son Dan to go to Haiti for that purpose. As the primitive church in the book of Acts 13:2-3 Set apart Barnabas and Saul for the work to which God have called them so the Bethany Presbyterian Church has set aside Bonnie and Dan for the work to which God has called them. They are scheduled to go next month Lord willing. PP Lacroix mission is moving forward. Yes you are correct in this. God is making it move along with your help. Lacroix mission is moving and I want to move along with it. This is in preparation for the College. It will be easier for Professors to go from the States to Haiti than to bring students from Haiti to here. That is why we want them to be fluent in English in order for this to be possible. Covet your prayers.

May God continue to bless you!

As God Prosperpierre