Greetings! PP is back, Isn’t he? Yes PP is back.

PP, back to where? At your door! At my door? Yes. Are you not going to let him in? Let him in where? in your house! PP I am not going to let you in.  Please let PP in he got some good news for you. Ok come in PP. Thank you so much.

May PP sit down! PP if you sit you are going to stay too long. Ok I will be short for you see I am short.

As you might know I am in Florida now. Last week I went to attend my daughter Vanessa ‘s graduation at the University of Iowa. This weekend I am going to be at Crosspoint Church at Whitesboro and at New Hartford, NY where the Rev. Sam Macri pastors. PP your ministry is reaching New York? A little correction this is not PP ministry. This is God’s ministry. The reason I said that is this: When God called me back 1975 out of Turks and Caicos Islands, He said, “Pierre, Go back to Haiti. I got work there for you to do for me.” Lacroix Haiti Mission is God’s ministry and not PP’s.

PP, we understand but tell us how you get to Crosspoint church in New York. A friend of us, whom a lot of you know, Dan Beck, has introduced the Lacroix ministry to the Crosspoint Church. This is just to make a long story short. They haven’t met me yet except on Skype, and yet they already sponsor 14 children in Lacroix. It’s the Lord. This story can give you an idea how Lacroix ministry expands. Thank you Pastor Sam, thank you church and thank you Brother Dan.

Dan Beck was the one who raised money and went to Haiti, roughed it with his daughter Heather, and built the roof on the school building in Tet Bef locality of Paul where 700 plus children attend school. Every body in Lacroix and Tet Bef love to work with Dan because there’s something about this man. He considers people as people and as equal.

PP this Dan Beck you are talking about now, how did you meet him? I would say MIRACULOUSLY. I don’t think Dan for himself can explain how he got to Lacroix except God brought him there. Why did he go there? I don’t think he knew why at the time but now he knows. God works in mysterious ways.

Ask PP how did he get to Lacroix. He doesn’t know either except God brought him there.

Now you see I promised to be short but you are making me talk.

While I am writing this update to send you it is raining hard where I am. I wish they had that rain in Lacroix Haiti where it is much needed. But let’s wait for God’s timing. Rain is on the way. People still need food there until they can harvest again something that they had not done for four years. Please continue to pray for Lacroix. If you want to see smiles on my wife face give her food to distribute. She does it the right way. I was doing food distribution while my wife was going through cancer treatment, I sent cards to her close relatives. The messenger told me that “Mme Pierre never sends cards to these people.”  I said I understand why and that’s why I send them cards. This is a sign of a genuine leader.

My wife shared with me a very moving story. There is a young girl from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, whose name is Caitlin Pyles. You will never believe what I am going to say here about her. She was very quiet like me. PP are you quiet? First time I hear that about you. At least while I am writing this update I am very and super quiet. Last year she came and she observed something. I did not know if she was an observer. She is a very good one. She saw the school children were in need for shoes. She went back home and started to think as to how to provide shoes for these children.

It really bothered her to see children wearing shoes with no sole. She went and do a shoe drive at Westminster and in other places. You know what: Caitlin raised over 1000 pairs of shoes for the Haitian children. Thank God her parents went along with her in that project. They even drove to Florida to carry those shoes to ship them to Haiti from there. Westminster Presbyterian Church paid to ship them from Florida to Haiti.

What is so touching in that story is Caitlin was unable to come to complete the project with the distribution. She felt very sorry about that but she asked us to do it. Knowing that my wife could do a better job than me, I let her handle the distribution. She told me the other day some of the children had to leave their old shoes they had on to wear the new one immediately because the old shoes where completely wore out.

She said there was a girl who wore one shoe in one foot and a slipper in the other foot. Usually they do that if they are injured in one foot. This time it was a different reason. One of the shoes were completely out to the point that she could not wear it anymore. I wept when she told me that story.

Caitlin you never know and you will never understand how much you blessed these children. Thank you for caring that much for our children. Thank you for seeing what others didn’t. Thank you for raising the awareness. Thank you and thank you.

Thank you all for your patience with me. Thank you for supporting this great ministry that the Lord has entrusted me and my wife. Thank you for believing in me and in the people who told you about this ministry like in the case of Crosspoint Church. Pastor Sam the Pastor of the church along with the leadership they believe in Dan Beck’s testimony about this ministry.

Covet your prayers.

The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”


God Prosperpierre