Greetings again. So good to be and stay with you this week.

PP I thought you were going to Pittsburgh! Yes, you are right. I am tonight. Oh tonight! Yes tonight.

Back to the Humanitarian Crisis: in Haiti I believe first the Haitian people need to change their mentality. In order for this to happen they need to take Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Every body thinks leaving the country is the solution. For some people it works but for others it doesn’t. Second they need unity. They need to set aside personal ambition.

There are resources in the country that could be used to help improve the economy of the country. The soil is very rich and fertile. All they need is water. If they would drill wells to water the land, they could grow food to consume and to sell for income and to even export. Take the rice field for examples. We do export mangoes so far.

My son Kerby has an Irrigation Project for the Community of Lacroix. This project is costly. It is going to take over $300,000.00 USD to execute this project. We are praying that the Lord will help him get the necessary funds for the execution of this project. I am very positive about that. This would be a great effort to improve the economy of the people in Lacroix.

I wish I had money to build factories in Lacroix to create jobs and to boost the economy. Until Haiti can export the local currency (G) will continue to decrease and the USD increase. The only way to get people to stay in Haiti is to create jobs that pays in order for people to have a decent place to stay, they can have their own transportation, have access to the basic need of life etc. They don’t have to wait till they go some place else to change their life style. Right now believe it or not 75% of those who work can’t even afford one meal a day let alone send their children to school.

Now the Haitians experience in Brazil is worst than animals. Animals have a better treatment right where I am in the United States of America. When I first visited an animal hospital in the US I wept and I could not stop when I saw cats and dogs in bed after they undergo surgery. When I think of the Haitians who cannot even afford an aspirin.

When I saw the housing that the horses have compare to where Haitians are living and most of them don’t even have a roof over head, I wept.

Now don’t take me wrong. I don’t want any body to feel guilty. It’s not your fault if Haitians still live that way. America has done their best to help improve life in Haiti.

No it is not my intent to throw guilt. I just want to raise the awareness. This is your lifestyle. You are used to live like that. When you know of a need you help.

I remember this year as a med team was going to Platon, another village of Lacroix, to provide health care, they came across with a cow who was dying of thirst on the road. The missionaries could not stand that. They wept. They wonder if they could do any thing. I told them even people don’t have water to drink let alone the animals. They come face to face with the reality.

The patients they saw that day, most of their illness was due to not drinking enough water. This is a situation that these people face every year. I wish I were able to buy a 4WD water truck to haul water for them. This is the village I mentioned only the Toyota Land Cruiser get there.

I could not believe it back in 1975 when I returned to Haiti from Turks and Caicos Islands, and arrived in Lacroix for the Lord to tell me this is where I am going to bless you, believe it or not. And He does bless me.

There is hope. You, American people, are very generous. Had it not been for you, Americans, Haiti would have been in a worse situation. You have done your best to help. There would not be a Lacroix Haiti Mission had it not been for your generosity. Please pray for God to open more doors.

There is Hope and that is what we are preaching to the people in Haiti whether they believe us or not.

May God bless you!
God Prosperpierre