October 2016 Update #3

FRIENDS: Greetings! I know you are wondering what happened to PP for he never takes that long to write to us. You are right. PP has been under the weather for over two weeks. PP I thought you were always above the weather. Yea but sometimes you have no choice. Thank God I am still […]

June 2016 Update

FRIENDS: Greetings! I am so glad to be back with you for the latest news. We are doing fine at Lacroix. Last week Doctor Dan Lattanzi was here with a medical team. He came at the right time when an epidemic of fever, cold/cough is going on. He had met with the pregnant women on […]

February 2016 Update 2

FRIENDS: Greetings! I know you have been looking for PP and he was nowhere to be found. Since you have been looking for me you might have some questions for me. Let me prepare to find the correct answers for you. PP my first question is this: How is the political situation in Haiti? I […]

February 2016 Letter

FRIENDS: Greetings! Again with the Hickory United Evangelical Presbyterian church outreach here in Lacroix in the persons of Dave Errett, Jim Marsteller, Frank Strnisa, Josh Strnisa, Ron Cartuno, I need to keep you posted as I have promised. Every thing is going well here. Today Dave went to Port au Prince with Pastor Evens to […]

November 2015 Letter

FRIENDS: Greetings! Today is my day. I am so glad to write to you today since it is my day. PP , Is today your day? Yes it is. Don’t you call today ‘BLACK Friday’? Therefore it’s my day because I am BLACK. PP you are funny! Why not for “‘Life is short.” I am […]

September 2015 Letter

FRIENDS: Greetings! Here is PP. I know you wonder how come you don’t hear from me. I am doing fine. I am having a great time in Pittsburgh, PA. I am right now at the last leg of my trip. Every thing is going well. I have been very busy but good for the trip. […]