Again with the Hickory United Evangelical Presbyterian church outreach here in Lacroix in the persons of Dave Errett, Jim Marsteller, Frank Strnisa, Josh Strnisa, Ron Cartuno, I need to keep you posted as I have promised.

Every thing is going well here. Today Dave went to Port au Prince with Pastor Evens to buy three solar panels and also to take one of the two inverters that we have to a repair shop. Before they went I listened to the news and I have people keeping posted on how things were in Port au Prince and on Route 1. They made it safe and sound under the protection of the Great and Powerful God. I know the said church is praying for them as well as other churches. They are back with the solar panels. In addition to that Pastor Evens was able to do some grocery shopping for us.

Today our mechanic Guercy has repaired the small generator that was not working for quite a time. The roof on the medical residence in Lacroix is done as Dr. Fred and Sarah Landenwitsch have wanted it. I know he is to be proud of it. Now my wife is looking into the landscaping like Dr Fred and Sarah want it. My wife means business. She will make it happen.

Dave has been focus on the solar system because he wants to get it done so we can be back in business. I want to thank all of you who had contributed for the solar energy. It is the only source that we have besides the generator. Had it not been for Kerby who had gotten us a good deal in buying diesel fuel we would not have been able to run the generator. Kerby helps us save $,80 per gallon as well as for Propane fuel. We thank God for that.

Thursday this week we are going to have a food distribution focusing on people in Decouvert / Boukan Tony. Thanks be to God.

We are all doing well. Thank you very much for all that you do for us. Thanks for your prayers as well.

God bless.

God Prosperpierre