Greetings! Today is my day. I am so glad to write to you today since it is my day. PP , Is today your day? Yes it is. Don’t you call today ‘BLACK Friday’? Therefore it’s my day because I am BLACK. PP you are funny! Why not for “‘Life is short.”

I am now in Greenfield Indiana. I arrived on Monday afternoon. Robert Wakeland came to Loveland OH to pick me. It was very nice of him to do that. That Monday evening his son and his wife Brent and Jenny invited us to dinner. They fed us again on Wednesday evening. Good Yummy food.

I spent Tuesday with Deloris Gillon. She is the late David Gillon’s wife. This is David who went to Haiti and helped start this ministry that you all now see. He was in Lacroix at the right time and thus the Lord used him. He built the church building and the very first school building that the Westminster Presbyterian Church has replaced with the two story pink building because it was in bad shape. Dave was the one who taught the man who built this building. He left a great legacy in Lacroix. Dave, though gone to be with the Lord since September 16,1996, is still alive in people minds in Lacroix Haiti.

It is always a delight to spend time with the family when I come to Indiana. Deloris took me to visit Charles and Judy Crowe good friends of the dear family and there Marcia Fisher another friend came to join us. Believe me we had a great time. In the evening we were invited to have Dinner at Tim and Jennifer Taflinger. Jennifer is Deloris daughter. Though Haitian I went Mexican that evening. Jennifer is a great and excellent cook like her mother. Like mother like daughter. Later that evening we visited with Greg and Judy Gillon. Greg is Deloris Son.

Yesterday Thanksgiving day. I had two invitations and I responded to both one at noon and the other in the evening. Now I can talk turkey.

My eyelids are healing. I still have to practice keeping my eyes open. I thank God for this miracle. I thank God for making provision for the eye surgery. Only God can explain this because He caused that to happen. I still thank Doctor Emily Shull for all that she has done for me. I will be thankful all my life. When she said if I need new glasses after they take off the bandages contact lens in my eyes let her know, I told her no. Leave this for Doctor Jennifer Olbum. She smiles and said I can do that too. You know there’s something about these female eye doctors. They are so compassionate, so loving and caring..

As you know from November 17 to November 24 Laurie Adams lead a outreach team to Lacroix Haiti. The team has five women in it: Laurie Adams, Donna Franco who is also the treasurer for Friends of Haiti, Mary Bryant who has been in Lacroix one year teaching English, Elisabeth Salisbury who has been in Lacroix before and Susan Gorham. Their purpose was to deworm the school kids. I thank the Lord for inspiring Laurie to go to Haiti every six months to deworm the kids. Her goal is to keep the children healthy. She provides clean water as well via wells.

The team has traveled to all the schools to do that. They brought lollipops and sweet drink to give to the children. They had enough for all of them. I believe the children had enjoyed the lollipops more than the worm medicine. They hiked to Foucardes one hour each way.

As I have mentioned in all my updates , we are experiencing a drought in Lacroix and surroundings. Since people have to grow their own food this year is being the worst in all. They are not able to grow anything and thus the mission has to do something about this. All the outreach teams have been engaged in food distribution upon my request. We thank God for their generosity or the generosity of the American People. Laurie’s team has distributed food to more than two hundred families Sunday after church. These families at least have food for a month. I thank God for that. This is something that Laurie and her team does every time they go there, Food Distribution. They have great delight doing that.

Another miracle happened on Friday November 20 Laurie team took 37 of our people to a Resort Beach Hotel (Kaliko). They spent one night  there. They had dinner on Friday night and breakfast and lunch on Saturday . They left Saturday afternoon to go back to Lacroix. They wanted to give these people a foretaste of paradise. As Don and Jamie Speakman often said to me in Cayman Island Another day in Paradise. They were over excited and satisfied. I was not there but I know if all of them could speak English they would have said in leaving: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN!

This Sunday I am going to be at Evangel Christian Church with Pastor Larry Fannin in Greenfield. Wednesday evening I am going to be at Little Blue River Friends Church South East of Morristown in the country. It’s a new church.

Great time in Ohio and Indiana. It could not be any better than this. Thank you all for being so good to me. Thank you for your great hospitality.

May God richly bless you and yours!
God Prosperpierre