Greetings! I know you are wondering what happened to PP for he never takes that long to write to us. You are right.

PP has been under the weather for over two weeks. PP I thought you were always above the weather. Yea but sometimes you have no choice. Thank God I am still breathing.

There is an epidemic of Fever going on accompanied by chills, headache, Flu and severe Cold and Cough, diarrhea, vomiting and fainting that is going around right now in the country. It starts right after the passing of Hurricane Mathew.  Thank God my wife is spared. Otherwise I would not have anyone to look after me. God is no Dummy. Also with the guests that we have this month, with my wife sick it would have been very difficult for the guests. Thanks be to God.

The month of October was full. Venice Presbyterian Church in Mac Donald, Pa came on October 1 and left on October 8. Due to Hurricane Matthew New Day Assembly of God and First Assembly of God in New Castle, PA had cancelled their coming October 8 to October 15. They were going to do food distribution but though they didn’t come they sent the money so the mission can do it for them. Because I was so sick my wife could not leave to go the bank. My wife has started it this afternoon. Rice is going to be given to 700 families because the market is out of beans now.

Pastor Lindsey Smith and his son Roger came from October 15 to October 22. They came to do a Pastors’ seminar for three days and Evangelistic services every evening in different sections of the Lacroix village. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for the services to take place in the open. I was able to translate for Pastor Lindsey from Sunday through Wednesday morning at the seminar. After that I was completely down. I was as sick as sick could be. Sammy has done a great job translating for Pastor Lindsey. By the way Pastor Lindsey has moved to Florida from Ohio. He used to be the senior Pastor at Praise and Worship Center in Lebanon.

On Sunday October 16, Hickory United Evangelical Presbyterian Church came in the persons of Dave Errett, Jim Marsteller, Frank Strnisa, Joe Dowiak, Ron Caltumo and John Coulter. These men came to install a solar energy system that Dr. Fred and Sarah Lindenwitsch has bought for the medical residence in Lacroix. They also came to repair two pumps in Paul and other pumps in the village of Lacroix. They also work on our solar system in Lacroix the only source of energy that we have available now and on our water system. We don’t know what we would do if it was not for this system. Dave Errett and his team they know their way around. All they need is a vehicle. They even brought their own food from the States. Thank you very much Hickory and thank you Dave, Jim, Frank, Joe, John and Ron. When you come to Lacroix and enjoy electricity and water please say a prayer for them.

They left on October 25 and the Deworming Team: Laurie Adams, Donna Franco, Nancy Grech, Suzy Gorham, Jim and Bonnie Miller arrived the same day. I thank God for this team has started to work on the day they arrived. They went to six schools already. Monday October 31 they will be going to Lacoupe to deworm the kids.

They are going to do food distribution on Monday in Lacoupe and people in Foucardes are coming to Lacroix to get the food. The team went to Cap Haitian today and will return tomorrow. PP how come you don’t go with them? As I told you PP is sick. The teams of Dave Errett and Laurie Adams don’t see much of me because I did not want to share my illness with them. It’s not fun to get sick on a mission trip. You know there is a time when being selfish is not sinful and this is the time.

Thank you Doctor Dan and Linda for giving them some flu and cold medicines. It helps me a lot during this miserable time. I can see that you were thinking about me as always.

PP I thought you were supposed to be in Ohio tonight? Yes I was supposed to be in flesh and spirit but I am only there in spirit now. Hopefully next week Lord willing. This makes me very sad.

The situation in Haiti about food is becoming more and more serious. I was told yesterday there are over 1.5 million Haitians who are waiting for hands out. They have no other alternatives. I believe they are not talking about the entire country but just people in southern Haiti that was hit directly by the hurricane Matthew.

In our area the famine has been in existence even before the hurricane and the hurricane Matthew makes it worse. I thank God for the provision he makes for the people in Lacroix and vicinity. For example this afternoon my wife has reached a village called Cadieu. It is located about two miles between the mission and Decouvert/Boukan Tony. People are happy to receive food and one can see hope written on their faces with their smiles. One lady told me this afternoon I need to stick around longer for their sake. Now this is sinful selfish. Please continue to pray for God’s provision for food.

Last week we lost two members of our church. One has breast cancer (Loubens’ mother). She went to be with the Lord at 52 years old and left 8 children. She was a woman of great faith. She left a great legacy for her children. She left the cutest note I have ever read. A note to thank Ermithe and I for supporting her and her family during the three years of hardship.  The other lady is Margaret. She always comes to help in the kitchen when we have guests. She almost died suddenly. I was so sick that I could not attend their funeral ceremonies.

Thank you again for your prayers and financial support. I will always be grateful to God and to You. I pray God to increase your blessings daily. Our next team for December is from Nottingham Christian Center on Linden Road next to Thomas Presbyterian Church.

I thank God for Kerby and Pastor Evens. They had to do fill in for me during my illness. Sammy as well.

May God bless you abundantly!
God Prosperpierre