Greetings! I know you have been looking for PP and he was nowhere to be found. Since you have been looking for me you might have some questions for me. Let me prepare to find the correct answers for you.

PP my first question is this: How is the political situation in Haiti? I know you are not the only one to ask this question therefore I am going to answer for all of you.

Contrary to what people has expected, there is peace in the country since President Martelly stepped down on February 7. I was in Florida and I was supposed to return on the 13th but the news were so bad that I was intimidated – in other words I was afraid to come. I could not believe my eyes when I arrived on the 19th of February how quiet the country was. All the demonstrations had come to an end. Those who were on the streets demonstrating got their demands met. They are somewhat satisfied. But it is as we say in Latin Videri quam esse (to seem rather than to be).

How is school going? School is going well. Since politics is going well, therefore school is also going well. In Haiti school and politics walk hand in hand. That is why so many times school is paralyzed when the political situation is bad. I thank God for this peace that we have though it is only apparent.

PP what can you say about the safety of outreach teams that are scheduled to come now for we heard that two teams had cancelled about two weeks ago?
When the two teams announced that their trips were cancelled, it was the right thing for them to do at the time for there were several emails from the US Embassy in Port au Prince warning Americans not to come to the country that day. Even me who is Haitian living in Lacroix Haiti was afraid to come to Haiti and cancelled mine that day too. Though nothing they expected have occurred but “Better safe than sorry.”

PP how is it in Lacroix as far as safety is concerned? So far there is no safety issue here in Lacroix. Once you arrive in Lacroix you are safe. We still use cautions. We want team members to cooperate with us if they are to be safe. I thank God for that safety in Lacroix.

PP back to normal life questions: How is the drought? Are you able to provide water to the schools that need water? Last week there was some rain. Thanks be to God. People were very happy. It rained while I was away. I blew it. It did not rain enough for the creek to overflow. We caught some rain water in the cistern in LaCoupe. As of now we don’t haul water to LaCoupe until the cistern is almost empty. I take this opportunity to thank Mark and Theresa one more time for their generosity. There would not be a cistern in LaCoupe had it not been for this great couple.

My wife told me the other day that we ought to build a cistern in Decouvert/Boukan Tony as soon as possible. We might need to wait for rain since water is a big problem.

I thank God for the Toyota Land Cruiser (the Land Cruiser #1) that we used today to carry water from the mission to the school in Decouvert. The Mitsubishi bird cage is in repair shop. It is been two weeks since they have been working on it.

PP do people in the villages have access to water? Most people do. Though some of them have to go far to get water. People in the village of Platon water is a head ache for them. Kerby, my son, was talking to me about hiring a water truck to carry water for the people there once a week. The truck can take it as far as it can go. The people will be happy to get the water. As you might know it by now Kerby is a photo copy of his mother, Ermithe. The proverb has changed from “Like Father like Son” to “Like mother like Son.” Both like to work behind the scene. Trying to get water for the people there he is thinking like his mother. Thanks be to God.

PP what is the food situation now? I thank God because through your great generosity God has made provision for the people in Lacroix and in its vicinity to receive food on a regular basis. We have not been able to reach every body yet but people keep coming to us to make petition for food. I was touched one day when a lady walked in saying she was starving and she would be satisfied with whatever amount she receive one pound two pounds. Thank you because you alleviate my burden. You are feeding my people. Thank you very much.

PP how long will you feed these people? I will continue to feed them as long as it is necessary and as long as your great generosity allows us to. Let us pray for RAIN.

I think I better close for now. Please feel free to come also with your questions.


God Prosperpierre