Here is PP. I know you wonder how come you don’t hear from me.

I am doing fine. I am having a great time in Pittsburgh, PA. I am right now at the last leg of my trip. Every thing is going well. I have been very busy but good for the trip. Being busy make time flies. Sister Shelley Buchanan is very good at that, working to give me a busy schedule. I like that. I am still sorry for missing my first church appointment with Hillside Christian Community on August 30 and I surely hope next time this doesn’t repeat though it was not on purpose.

School is now in session. It is going well. The children are happy to be in school. My amazing wife, Ermithe, is there. She is working on improving the diet of the children. She likes that. Last year she has worked on the menu at the main school in Lacroix but now she is working with the other cooks in the satellite schools to make them more comfortable with the new menu. She is also busy with the addition to the clinic. Tomorrow she going to have the roof poured. She is very excited about it. My wife likes being busy. I thank God for improving her health. You should see how happy she is at the mission.

There is still no rain in Lacroix. It is very sad. There is no life in the field since there is no water. My wife told me the other day that the situation is bad now but wait till January things are going to be worse. Now, not only people are starving but the animals are starving as well. They have no drinking water nor grass to eat. Some of them are beginning to die. They cannot take them to the market nobody is going to buy them. Remember the cattle is the people’s saving’s account in the rural Haiti. Maybe God has a bigger picture. When we do food distribution it can only last one to two weeks and after that people are back to where they were before. As a woman once told me as I was talking to her about the drought, ” As long as there is SALT and WATER people will survive.”

The creek is now dried. The water in the wells is getting lower. So far there is drinking water for the people. We need to pray. Covet your prayers.

I would like to thank all of you for your generosity. You have helped us to providing food to people in great need. Over one thousand five hundred families have received food. We have taught them to be very frugal for we don’t know when we will be able to do another food distribution. At least the school children are having a meal at school now. Thank God.

Tomorrow is the Haiti Summit at Hillside Christian Community. I will see some of you there and we can visit. I long to see you all especially those of you I have not met yet on this trip. Thanks for traveling all the way from Virginia and Ohio to be here. I appreciate that. Thank you so much.

Again thank you so much for your great hospitality. Thank you for making your home my home away from home. Thank you for sharing your pulpit with me. Thanks for the dinners and lunch appointments and for the valuable time we spend together. Thanks for your prayers and financial support. What a great time we had together!

May God richly bless you!

God Prosperpierre