New Desks at La Croix Require Welding Skills

This course will introduce students to the basics of welding. It provides the student with hands-on training in shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding and oxyfuel gas welding. The student will be trained in the safe use of a welder and various saws and grinders. The student will receive training in welding and machine shop safety practices.

Student kit includes:

Safety glasses
Ear plugs
Leather weld jacket
Weld gloves
Lighter weld jacket
Welding hood
Spare cover lenses

Each student kit is $129. Please consider donating to sponsor a student, or take a look at the needed equipment list and donate towards a larger tool or equipment that will be used in training students from multiple classes.

Additional needs specific for the welding lab:

3) Weld Stations: Iron tables w/
adjustable work holding fixture $ 265.00 ea.
3) Welders: Miller CST280 $2,400.00 ea.
3) Weld Leads $ 250.00 ea.
6) Weld Curtains $70ea. $420.00)
Bench Vise
Angle Grinders
Bench Grinder 10”
Cutting Torch Set $ 300.00
Weld Coupons $ 170.00
Cut-off / Grinding wheels $250.00
Materials / Supplies $400.00
Cut-off Saw
Drill / Drivers
Socket set / Wrenches $ 80.00
Blades/ bits / drills / tips $ 100.00
Mechanical tools $ 80.00
Saws circular
Air Compressor
Generator…not included here
Cutting goggles $ 112.00
Chipping Hammer / Wire brush $ 144.00
Metal bucket / Soap stone $ 48.00

Items in RED are available at Home Depot
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