Residence at Tet Bef

This course is an introduction to basic plumbing systems, including common terms and definitions, and materials. Plumbing system design and layout will be taught as well as how to assemble, install and common troubleshooting steps. Students will get hands on practice of with the different methods of pipe joining as well as focus on the common mathematical formulas used in the plumbing trade. In addition the students will be instructed on inspection, maintenance and backflow issues to ensure waste is safely carried away and reducing the possibility of cross contamination with fresh water.  Each 2 or 3 year student will receive a personal kit of tools that will help them through the training and give them a boost as they begin their career.

Student kit includes:

Tool apron
Safety Glasses
Ear Plug / Pencil / Marker
Tape measure

Each student kit is $48. Please consider donating to sponsor a student, or take a look at the needed equipment list and donate towards a larger tool or equipment that will be used in training students from multiple classes.

Additional needs specific for the plumbing lab:

Cut-off Saw
Angle drill
Reciprocating saw
Drill/driver guns
Portable band saw
Socket set/wrenches $ 100.00
Mechanical tools $ 125.00
Misc. fasteners / supplies $300.00
Misc blades / drills / tips $150.00
Solder/flux/sand cloth/brushes $75.00
Pipe wrenches $150.00
Pipe cutters $200.00
Pipe threader / dyes
Pipe vise / bench top strap vise $300.00
Strap wrench $50.00
Tubing cutters $150.00
Pex tubing crimpers $150.00
Hand torch (map gas) $70.00
Miter & Table saws
Saws circular
Air Compressor
LP Generator

Items in RED are available at Home Depot
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