Eager, Focused, and Open Minds for a New Beginning

This is an introductory class in carpentry, designed to give an overview of the various components
of residential construction and modern building techniques. Students will also learn framing techniques for floors, walls, ceilings as well as for doors and windows. In addition to this, the students will gain general knowledge regarding the reading and interpretation of blueprints, and safety issues. Students will learn how to safely use basic hand tools and power tools as well as the maintenance the tools require. Students will also build on their math skills with concepts commonly used in the construction industry. Each 2 or 3 year student will receive a personal kit of tools that will help them through the training and give them a boost as they begin their career.

Student Kit includes:

Safety glasses / gloves
Ear plugs
Tool Apron / hammer holder
Pencil / marker
Tape measure
Hammer / nail puller
Chalk box / plumb bob
Utility knife
Sliding T bevel
Speed / combination square
Flat bar / nail set / Combo screwdriver

Each student kit is $107. Please consider donating to sponsor a student, or take a look at the needed equipment list and donate towards a larger tool or equipment that will be used in training students from multiple classes.

Additional needs specific for the carpentry lab:

Levels 48”/ 24” $140.00
Framing squares w/ stair gauges $55.00
Wrecking /wonder bars $40.00
Jig Saw
Miter saws
Drill / Drivers
Socket set / Wrenches  $80.00
Mechanical tools  $80.00
Blades/ bits / drills / tips  $100.00
Saws circular
Reciprocating saw
Table saws
Air Compressor
Nail guns/ Acc.
Drywall tools
Hammer drills
Scroll saw
MIsc. materials / supplies $400.00
Generator…not included here

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Favorites List:
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