I am still in Florida.

First of all I would like to thank you for your prayers on behalf of Haiti. Had it not been for your prayers the damage could have been worse.
In Southern Haiti it is really devastated. The crops have been destroyed, animals killed, some people killed, houses carried away by the flooding water and by the wind.

In Port au Prince I just learned that the rain is pouring. One bridge when you enter Port au Prince has to be barricaded because water is almost over it and the police don’t want people and vehicles to cross it.

So far North and Artibonite are not affected. I mean Lacroix and Gonaives are not affected. There has been some strong winds in Lacroix but I have heard no devastation. The torrential rains that they expected in Lacroix and vicinity did not come. Thanks be to God. I don’t know for the people in Paul but those in Lacroix, Boukan Tony/Decouvert, Perisse, LaCoupe, Pacot and Foucardes are all safe. They may have lost some crops but the situation is not bad.

Thank you again for your concerns for the Haitians and for your prayers.
God bless.