Greetings in the glorious name of the Lord Almighty Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Here we are back at your home.

We are coming back with news from the ministry. As you know, the New Testament Mission has other locations. We traveled to Lacoupe mid-week for an inspection visit. We report back on the department’s work at this site.

1. LACOUPE: Construction of classrooms

The community of Lacoupe has benefited from the services of the New Testament Mission for many years. They have a church, a school, a vocational school and a bakery. However, a few years ago, there was a great need for classrooms. A group of missionaries from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh saw this need and began to support this project.

I had the opportunity to go there last week. School is going well. The children are preparing to take a test this coming Monday. I put some pictures of the building that the masons are working on to complete. Altogether there are 16 classrooms and three cisterns to hold water in this building project. Seven of these classrooms are complete and are in use. We give God all the glory, and at the same time, we thank Westminster for their financial support.  We also thank Good News Gathering and New Beginnings Church of Belfast (both from Ohio) for providing and building the roofs of these finished classrooms.

2. LACOUPE – Micro loan

The micro loan in the mission is active in Lacroix, in Lacoupe and in Diegue, a community in Paul.  In Lacoupe there are 23 women who are active in this program. Today we are going to share the testimony of one.

I am Bernerose Bernard, mother of three children. It was with great difficulty that I used to take care of them because I could not do anything to earn money. I used to go to the market with other women to help them sell their goodies. But the little money I earned was not enough to buy food for the family, even for one day. Often, when I thought about this situation, it made me sad and I cried.

When I got the small loan from the mission, it helped me a lot. Now I have goats and I will continue to do my business in the marketplace to take care of my family. Thanks to everyone in the mission and people in the US who donate money to help Haitian woman like me.


As the Holy Word says: “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not turn from it. (Pr.22:6 NIV) In the New Testament Mission’s schools, we emphasize the Word of God. That is why we have time to tell the children about God, to teach them to worship Him. They really enjoyed spending time like this. We give glory to God that they have teachers in their classrooms who are servants of God who like to pray and worship God as they please.

The other favorite hobby of the children is to go play in the park. We will be sure to thank our dear friends at Purcellville Baptist Church for this precious gift. See how much fun the kids are having!

Even if we were to do an eternity, we could never find the words to express our gratitude and appreciation to you who always help us as you can. Thank you for your prayers, they help us in our ministry. Thank you for your donations, we know that you make sacrifices to help. Thank you very much! Blessings!

LaCroix New Testament Mission