Dear friends and partners of God’s ministry,

Greetings in the name of the Son of God, Our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ! As you know, it is always a delight each Saturday to communicate with you by ZOOM IN, to share with you the news of the ministry that God has established us together to serve the weakest and the poorest people.

Pastor Evens, what do you have to share this week?

Good question. This time I keep it short, going straight to the point. This week I would like to highlight two facts:


As you know, Haiti is a tropical country. The temperature is sometimes very high in times of drought, like this time we are living. Farmers in and around LaCroix rely on the rainy season for planting. They have not seen rain for a long time. We always advised them to plant fruit and other trees in their fields and at home. We also taught our children in schools about the mission and the importance of a tree. I learned that a tree not only attracts rain but can also give oxygen to eight people. It is in this sense that we want to continue with the program of reforestation at all costs for the benefit of the community to restore the environment.

We are preparing to distribute about 8000 thousand shrubs in mission schools on May 1st, on Agriculture and Labor Day. If it still does not rain, we will encourage them to plant trees around their house so they can water them.  Thank you very much for choosing to join us on this project.



The vocational school learning activities for the second cohort of students continue to the expected productivity. They are really motivated to learn and put into practice everything that is taught by the teacher in the classroom.  They see the need to deepen their knowledge so that they are useful to society. Thus, the day of Friday, March 17, 2023, was devoted to handing in the work done in class. They paraded with their own dresses that they make on their own measures. They are giving the impression that they are professionals. They look like professional models. You could see the joy that flooded their hearts. In the end, they have a little snack to mark this beginning in their lives. Everyone could see that the work defined by the practiced teacher was respected in its entirety by the students. They follow the instructions meticulously and execute them with care. We are very satisfied at the administration level because our dreams are coming true: it’s our will for the next generation. This activity closes a part of the work for the first year with good and very good, according to the teacher’s statement. We will continue to motivate the community so that a large majority of young people can have at least one manual trade.

Thank you for continuing to pray and support financially this ministry. Without you, this work would not be possible. We are together for a GOOD CAUSE. We have chosen to help people and invest in the youth; however, we want to support those who have a dream and those who have a goal. Once again, thank you for helping us to accomplish what God calls us to do.

May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, as members of one body!

LaCroix New Testament Mission