“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)


Greetings to all. It’s my privilege to write this update to send you today.

PP where are you? 

Great question! You are not going to believe it. PP is still in Haiti. He was scheduled to return to Florida today but the political riots had stopped him. Otherwise you were going to receive this update from Florida tonight or tomorrow.

PP when are you going back to Florida? 

I wish I knew. God knows.Covet your prayers for Haiti. School has not been in session. We are working on changing our education system starting with the preschoolers. I believe the preschool teachers that we now have can help us achieve that. They are very dynamic and knowledgeable. In order to change the current condition of the country we need to start with the children. Uneducated people are easy to be manipulated.

I cannot say much here because in this country one need to mind his own business if he wants to live a peaceful and long life.Dan works on the technical classrooms until I asked him to stop because it didn’t look good for us. People passing by could see that for the fence project is not done yet and there is still a gate to be made. He sent an update today. I encourage you to read it. 

The opponents had ordered all activities to stop.School was in session in Foucardes, Paul and LaCoupe. People in Lacroix has offered Me Altenor to come to provide security in case he wanted to have school. But since we are located on route one it would not be a nice picture for us. I am glad that they are motivated. We will continue to educate them about what is going on right now.

The construction projects have stopped too because there is no traffic. A few patients manage to come to the clinic. Doctor Abel along with one nurse and resident nurses have managed to see them.

There are no supermarkets open and I believe they must be out of merchandise. I thank the Lord for so far we have food for those on  the campus of the mission.We will never stop to thank Westminster Presbyterian Church and Hickory United Evangelical Presbyterian Church for the provision and maintenance of a solar system that allows the mission to have electricity 24/7. Gonaives has no electricity. I have brought 24 back up chargers for my coworkers that help them to have their phone charged. I plan to buy more to bring with me on my next trip. They are very thankful for that.

Our place has also become a cell phones station charger. All the teachers and other workers bring two to three cell phones to charge. I am glad that the ministry is meeting that need.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. I greatly appreciate all that you do for this ministry.   

ADONAI Prosperpierre