Greetings! I just want to share these pictures with you to show you the realization of a great wonderful woman by the name of Ermithe Pierre. You can see from the pictures eggplants, mangoes, coconuts, Jackie the boy in the picture is eating a water melon, pumpkin, papaya, okra, corn etc. She told me that she was trying to grow vegetables to cook for the school children. She hired a man who is responsible to farm the land and she pays him monthly. I thank God for such a wonderful woman like Ermithe. She is one of a kind. Now the children are eating fresh vegetables with their meat. This letter is addressed to those who can forward it to others like the child sponsorship coordinators and my son and wife Mike and Carla. We want the sponsors to see that. This makes me homesick.
May God bless you all.
God Prosperpierre