Greetings from Israel. PP are you in Israel? Yes PP is in Israel. PP are you sure? Is this this not a scam? PP maybe your inbox has been pirated? No you are going to see because PP will not be asking for money as when its box was pirated before.

PP how in the world you afford a trip to Israel? You are right. Good question.

You know my travel to Israel is like my salvation. I do not earn it like I do not earn salvation. Jesus has paid the price for me therefore it is a free gift. I did not do anything for me to deserve it. Same thing with my trip to Israel. Don and Jamie Speakman have paid for my trip and I did nothing to earn it. It is a free gift. All I had to do is to accept the gift they offered me. I accepted it like I accepted Jesus gift of salvation.

PP are you preaching? No I am not but it will not be bad since I am a preacher.

Even though I have been in Israel since April 11, I still can’t believe it is a reality. To me I am dreaming. It’s hard to believe that PP is in Israel. Who would have thought PP would be in Israel today, walking where Jesus had walked? Believe it or not it is a fact. I have to accept it.

God has more in store for me. I had Israel on my bucket list. Don and Jamie had taken it off the list. You see my friends God can do any thing. We just need to trust him. I will stay in his way and mind him.

Thank you all for your prayer. I will be on my way to the US tomorrow morning at 12:10 and should be in New York at 5:30 AM and to Florida at 11:30 AM.

May God bless you all!