La Croix Technical School

The unskilled labor market is saturated in Haiti. Many Haitians drop out of high school before they graduate. Even the students that graduate from the LaCroix mission schools rarely go on to higher education due to a variety of social and economic factors. The La Croix Technical School at the LaCroix Mission provides technical training […]

LaCroix Technical School – December Update

Dan and Madel “On a Mission”                                                           12/1/18 Alo… zanmi m ‘yo    It is with great pleasure we finally are able to write to all of you. It is hard to believe but, we have been in His service here in Ayiti for more than two months. We apologize for not writing sooner, but settling […]

Funding Guidelines for the La Croix Technical School

On the discipline funding pages, please note that any amounts shown by an item in dollar amounts, ($) will be purchased in Haiti. These funds will be donated, designated, and sent to Friends Of Haiti, P.O. Box 1441, McMurray, PA 15317. One of our goals is to support the Haitian economy as much as possible. […]

Computer Class – Technical School

  Student Kit includes: Notebook USB drive Each student kit is $20. Please consider donating to sponsor a student, or take a look at the needed equipment list and donate towards a larger tool or equipment that will be used in training students from multiple classes. Additional needs specific for the computer lab: 15-20 stations @ […]

Sewing Class – Technical School

Students in this discipline would be proficient in dress making, creating original patterns, curtains, custom tailored alterations and stitches, and clothing repairs. These graduates will be ready for employment in the garment industry or to start their own business. Student Kit includes: ⦁ Scissor ⦁ Seam ripper ⦁ Pins / pin cushion ⦁ Measuring tape […]

Plumbing Class – Technical School

This course is an introduction to basic plumbing systems, including common terms and definitions, and materials. Plumbing system design and layout will be taught as well as how to assemble, install and common troubleshooting steps. Students will get hands on practice of with the different methods of pipe joining as well as focus on the […]

Electrical Class – Technical School

This course will teach basic electrical systems for commercial, industrial and residential areas. They will be instructed on electrical safety and electrical symbols as well as the planning electrical systems. Students will learn to wire different devices like switches, duplex receptacles, lights, and more. They will receive hands on training in using and maintaining generators […]

Welding Class – Technical School

This course will introduce students to the basics of welding. It provides the student with hands-on training in shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding and oxyfuel gas welding. The student will be trained in the safe use of a welder and various saws and grinders. The student will receive […]

Masonry Class – Technical School

Masonry is an important trade in Haiti. The government just recently released building codes, so it will make things easier to teach not only to the curriculum but to the new standards. The students will learn the methodology but become “hands on” proficient in the masonry systems. It will include concrete ratios, slab prep and […]